That’s why vertical farmers will want to work with Germina

In vertical agriculture, the ability to maximize physical space is of utmost importance. Adaptable shelving solutions will allow farms to do more with less space, saving money and increasing yield per square foot. This fact is now well documented thanks to the main studies done by the University of Bologna. However, less attention has been paid to factors beyond yield and savings, including maintenance costs, product longevity, market history and safety standards.

When it comes to planning, these are the types of factors where entrepreneurs are most careful. In addition to looking for savings measures, farmers think more deeply, and from a more technical point of view, about the products they choose.

They must have a holistic view of the space they are developing and balance the functionality of the space with practical details in order to meet the requirements.
Germina wants to build products to last, and through research and development, they will make products rust resistant using various materials, such as stainless steel, galvanized steel or aluminum.
Even with high-quality products, maintenance is still necessary for products that receive heavy daily use.
That’s why Germina will make it easy to exchange parts like LEDs or chains with a service specialized in Workspace Technology.