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SpaceV is an Italian startup, founded in 2021 with premises in Genoa and Nuoro.

It has a place in the New Space ecosystem insofar as it is engaged in transferring its proprietary Multilevel Adaptive Greenhouse technology from ground to space.

Our purpose

– how to best grow plants in extraterrestrial outposts  –

resounds in our name: SpaceV stands for Space Vegetables or Space Veg in short.

New opportunities

New Space is an extraordinarily dynamic evolution of the space industry offering wideranging opportunities for technology transfer to and from the space exploration enterprise.

Multidisciplinary team

SpaceV was set up by a multidisciplinary team of engineers with experience in mechatronics, ICT and agrotech and managers with experience in business start up.

SpaceV takes advantage of the experience of Franco Malerba, the first Italian astronaut, former engineer and manager at Thales Alenia Space, now spearhead of SpaceV.